Berkeley Tea Rooms 

Berkeley Tea Rooms 

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Review snippets with kind permission from Le Bidon's: 
Nick Livermore Oct 2014

London, United Kingdom
In a small town, tucked away down an alley with an unassuming shop-front, the Berkeley Tea Rooms could be described as Gloucestershire’s hidden gem. 

Word spreads fast in the cycling community.

Park your bike up round the back, a secure area in which to lock your bike or enjoy a spot of cake in the fresh air and hobble inside. 

On your way to order coffee you’ll find yourself drooling at the sight of many expertly-produced homemade cakes, before stumbling over your words in an attempt to decide which you want that little bit more than all the others.

Happily, on the day of the review our group was a trio, enabling us to sample 3 varieties of cake guilt-free. Each was as delicious as the next; coffee cake, Victoria sponge, lime and courgette cake. It seems that you cannot go wrong when it comes to cake at the Berkeley Tea Rooms, even if you fancy something a little out of the ordinary.

Unlike in many small-towns I've visited, this quaintly proportioned, well-decorated and amicably staffed tea room gets everything right; not just the cake, but the hot drinks too. 

Ordering a cappuccino, I was pleased to note that it possessed a strong coffee flavour, which cappuccinos all too rarely do. The remainder of our number were equally impressed by their loose-leaf tea and black americano.

It’s not often you come across an establishment that gets it so right that there’s nothing worth complaining about. 

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“Fantastic Experience”  Andy50210
Reviewed 7 January 2015

I was born in Berkeley, but I moved over 30 years ago. I made a trip to Berkeley in October 2014 (I mostly live in Thailand now) with a friend and we stopped in Berkeley for a cup of tea, we ended up having a Ploughmans Lunch also and it was fantastic.

The service was first class, the food was excellent and the experience was magical.

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